aag-logo-41312_thumb“Our mission has been to provide support to local golf tournaments in the Austin area at no charge while at the same time helping to grow the game.” 

Austin Amateur Golf was founded in 2007. Since this time, AAG has helped start four of the events on the local schedule, growing each tournament more every year. Tournament participation has risen from 880 tournament entries in 2007 to a yearly average of close to 1100.  AAG provides a centralized location for amateur golfers in the Austin area to obtain local tournament information, results, news and player rankings.

Our organization is made up of local amateur golfers who volunteer their time to build the website, communicate news and events, and help make decisions for the direction of the organization. This year’s committee members are:

Gene Black
Chris Hartenstein
Ross Henry
Steve Paterson
Jay Reynolds
Peach Reynolds
Randy Reynolds
Nathan Shilling
Sam Wallach